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Secure the Lowest Rates and Most Cost Efficient Telecom Plan 

Reduce your bills for wireless, cellular, telephony, data, and more

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Stop Overpaying for Telecommunication Services

Do not let your telecommunication providers overbill you anymore. Most businesses are stuck overspending on a variety of services.

Our team uses our automated technology to find you savings on your current communications services to reduce your rates by up to 70%.

There are several other benefits of working with ProfitTrust.

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Pay the Right Price for Your Business Communications

Get a free review of your current communication costs, along with actionable next steps that our team can take to get you refunds and reduce your carrier rates.

Too many businesses settle for the price quoted by their providers, but your carrier is not on your side. They are simply not giving you the most efficient pricing plans. We help you reduce your costs with a variety of telecommunication carriers, including:

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Cellular and mobile services
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Wireless providers
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phone mobile
Plain old telephone service lines (POTS)
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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
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See Your Savings on Telecommunication Services

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See Real Savings From ProfitTrust Customers

All of our customers are saving money by cutting back on operating expenses in many areas of their business outside of telecommunications. The results speak for themselves:



Fees Before ProfitTrust = $279,873.81

The ProfitTrust Solution: Converted their business to a zero cost processing platform, without losing any customers.


After ProfitTrust:

Fees = $0



Fees Before ProfitTrust = $217,483.00

The ProfitTrust Solution: Negotiated rates with a new merchant services provider and helped our client make that transition, reducing annual fees by $70,190.00.


After ProfitTrust:

Fees = $147,293.00



Fees Before ProfitTrust = $143,983.00

The ProfitTrust Solution: Negotiated rates with our client’s current merchant services provider, reducing annual fees by $46,054.00.


After ProfitTrust:

Fees = $97,929.00


Why Choose ProfitTrust for Lowering Telecommunication Costs

A Risk Free Experience

You don’t pay anything until we reduce your communication rates.

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A Proven Method That Cuts Expenses

We’ve helped our customers across a variety of industries cut down on telecom costs.

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Comprehensive Cost Reduction Strategies

Find opportunities to reduce business expenses in a variety of areas.

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What Our Customers Say About Our Revenue Enhancement Solutions

ProfitTrust helps customers cut operating expenses in a variety of areas outside of telecommunications. See what they have to say about our other operational auditing and revenue enhancement services.

ProfiTrust’s auditing platform is a perfect fit for us and has made my life a lot easier. Gone are the days of wasted hours calling the carriers for our money…ProfiTrust handles everything from start to finish and the refunds are flowing, freeing us up to do more important things. Thanks PT!
Ryan J.
Director of Supply Chain and Logistics at Pret A Manger
I can’t recommend ProfiTrust enough! I was introduced to their shipping platform and I was amazed by the ease and more importantly the results. They’ve helped save my company thousands – I’m one happy customer.
Chief Operating Officer for Ecoclean Solutions
The ProfiTrust experts took a look at my carrier contracts and found me over $20,000 in overspend a month. Simple, painless, and efficient. I only wished I let them look sooner!
Chief Financial Officer for ALBA, Wheels Up
Working with ProfiTrust has been extremely productive for our organization. It is like hiring a full time, top level employee, for free. They reduced our electric costs by over 25% in less than two months. Now, a year later, we have saved over $1,000,000.00 and counting. The best part is saving the money, but not having to worry about our utility spend because PT manages that. If a new opportunity presents, we know about it immediately and whether or not it’s the right play for us.
Director of Finance
ProfiTrust has recovered over $35,000 in shipping costs in the short time they have serviced our account. In addition to the profitable audit, their robust reporting tools and top notch customer service, has helped us achieve greater understanding and visibility into our shipping profile. While using Profit Trusts reporting tools, we have been able to further reduce costs by making tweaks to our internal operations. I highly recommend this company!
Ellie J.
Vice President of the Distribution Center for Snowjoe
Shipping is one of our biggest expenses and there wasn’t much we thought we could do about it. As a business owner, it was shocking to learn what we were overpaying and how much we could save by joining the ProfiTrust platform. We now save over $50,000 a month (and growing) which goes straight to our bottom line. Shipping went from a cost center to an incremental profit center without us having to actually do anything differently. We signed up and instantly started saving the next day.
Josh O.
Founder and CEO of swag.com
The ProfiTrust shipping platform is passive, quick to set up and very effective. In the first 3 months of onboarding, they saved us almost $15,000.00 and they continue to save us money each week. Before we were auditing in house, then we made the switch to ProfiTrust so we could spend more time on customer day to day responsibilities. Since jumping on board our concerns and fears going in have all subsided and we are 100% glad we let them help us streamline this process.
Cody R.
Vice President of Business Development at Protec Equipment Resources
ProfiTrust’s small parcel auditing platform is highly effective and totally passive. I can’t believe how much money they save us each week, thousands of dollars since we’ve onboarded. It’s a great safety net that I highly recommend.
Eddie M.
President of Emson

Maximize Revenue While Lowering Telecom Expenses

Explore the ProfitTrust platform and learn about our cost reduction solutions — at no cost upfront. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation and speak with our team of trusted experts to get your communication service rates reduced.

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